As the economy is rebounding, organizations are finding themselves with (first time) challenges to attract and retain the talent they need (to run their business). It is refreshing that NPD Global is a reliable partner that they can count on. Our main objective is to make the right match. Sounds simple, but its not. NPD Global is that rare and unique firm that is willing to invest (their) time and resources to help clients and candidates find each other. NPD continue to be a reliable source for Technology (and) Life Science and Clinical positions. Founded in 2006 by Nagesh Davuluri, an innovative entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry,(recruiting expertise), NPD was able to harness technology and couple it with quality to perfect the recruiting process at NPD. In 2010 he joined forces with Michelle Furyaka who became CEO of the organization and brought an array of direct clients and expanded the sales organization. With 5 offices in the U.S. and an office in Hyderabad, NPD is quickly becoming a recognizable leader in the recruiting industry.

2015 marks the start of our Life Sciences & Clinical Research Division which will focus on the the pharmaceutical industry thriving in New Jersey. Our sales team in New Jersey brings ten years of proven experience and success in servicing these types of clients and recruiting for a variety of their positions.