Job Requirement: A sales representative receives a job requirement from a client. The same is entered in JobDiva and assigned to the Recruiting Liaison. Job requirements are discussed thoroughly if necessary by conducting a meeting with the recruiting team. The sales representative, recruiting liaison and the relevant recruiters participate and ask questions and ask for more information if something is missing. Sales representatives often go back to the client to get more information. Job requirements are thoroughly discussed in the daily morning and evening meetings.

Assignment: The Recruiting Liaison assigns the job to one of the two teams based on order. NPD maintains an “everyone works on any job” concept, wherein making all the recruiters familiar with all the skills. Rarely does a job get assigned to the same recruiter as he or she has a pipeline for that particular skill. Also, any recruiter can submit to any job after they’ve covered their assigned job.

Sourcing: The assigned recruiter searches the following sources: JobDiva – The internal database – sends an email merge to matching candidates. It then posts the job on Dice and Corp-Corp web sites. Next is searching on the job boards – Dice, CareerBuilder and Corp-Corp. Finally, LinkedIn is incorporated. If postings are available on LinkedIn, recruiters post the job, search and/or send in-mails on LinkedIn. Most of NPD’s recruiters have premium access on LinkedIn.

Matching and Interview: Once a matching candidate is found he/she is added to JobDiva as a candidate – if that particular candidate is already on LinkedIn then it depends on who owns the candidate. If no one owns the candidate then this recruiter contacts the candidate via email sending the job description and location. Then he/she makes a call to the candidate. When there is connection, the recruiter interviews the candidate thoroughly and matches the candidate to the job by asking relevant questions. The interview process includes in-depth questioning about relocation, commute issues, immigration issues, cultural issues and technical aspects of the job itself. If the recruiter is satisfied that he/she is the right candidate then a ‘Submission’ is made through JobDiva to the sales representative.

Submission: Submission emails include several details including full name, social security numbers for specific clients, DOBs, contact information, relocation status, immigration status and rate information. Submission also summarizes a candidates’ skill set.

Liaison Interview: Once the submission is made by the recruiter, the Recruiting Liaison picks up the phone and does another thorough interview and sends feedback to the sales representative. At this point, the submission is made or the resume is rejected by the Liaison. All feedback is entered into JobDiva for tracking and future reference.

Client Interview: If the client likes the candidate then a phone interview is requested. The sales representative sends the manager’s available schedule to the Recruiting Liaison and the Recruiter. The recruiter then confirms a time slot and responds with a phone number where the candidate can be reached by the manager. NPD recruiters thoroughly follow up with the candidates before the interview and prep the candidate for the interview. Prepping brings in past experience with the client, relevant hiring manager, discussion of requirement and interview etiquette. The candidate is reminded on the day of the interview to be ready. If the manager likes the candidate and wants to make an offer, then closing is sought. If the manager asks for an in-person interview, then scheduling is set and another prep is issued for the candidate. Salesmen/women in most cases attempt to walk the candidates to the interview. For every interview the feedback goes into JobDiva for future tracking and intelligence/data on the manager, job and candidate.

Closing & On Boarding: Closing and On Boarding is usually done by the Human Resources department. Recruiters stay in the loop and make sure all the paperwork is provided to HR. Then, recruiters follow through until the candidate successfully starts on the assignment. It is the recruiter’s job to update the contact information of the candidate/consultant at their new work location.