Thank you for stopping by our website and our company, NPD Global. As the CEO, I am delighted to welcome you to connect with me, and allow us to help you with your workforce planning needs.

At NPD, we are focused on only one thing: your success. Client or consultant, we welcome you both to engage us to find you the right match. I believe in long and longer-term relationships, and over the last two decades, I have helped many global firms in New York City find hidden talent to augment their demanding ramp-up plans. My team and I are dedicated to the cause of transparent recruitment, and are continuously working towards affording both clients and consultants a reliable, respectable, and rewarding engagement model.

Nagesh and I look forward to working with you, and assure you of our best efforts— all the time, any time.

With best wishes

Michelle Furyaka
CEO, NPD Global