In early 2013 we started a search for a QA Director in our New York City location to handle oversight of the team that provides Quality Assurance testing for the New York Stock Exchange trading systems.

At NYSE we have set the bar extremely high regarding testing talent. Our testing analysts need to have excellent technical skills, top tier business acumen plus solid communication skills. These type of candidates are extremely hard to find. Since we weren’t looking to sacrifice on the overall quality and depth of the candidate we turned to NPD Global Inc. NPD Global took the time to dissect the spec and really listened to our needs including understanding our fast paced environment.

In these situations, it’s not our responsibility to vet the candidates and I’m expecting quality and not quantity regarding  the candidates walking through the door. Quality is exactly what we received! In a short period of time we had hired an excellent QA Director and I was very grateful that we were working with such an excellent search firm. NPD Global has become a true working partner with NYSE and has continued to be an excellent source for us regarding hard to find talent.

CIO- U.S. NYSE Euronext

Michelle Furyaka is a real go getter who is excellent at building relationships.  She listens to her customers, asks the right questions, and has the keen ability to see the big picture.  Under her leadership, NPD Global has become one of our “go-to” suppliers providing top IT talent.

- Sr Director of Global Procurement & Sourcing (Global Financial Institution).

“NPD Global partnered with our CRM Competency Center in spring 2013 to provide with permanent placement and contract consulting.  NPD Global has the uncanny ability to key in on the resources qualifications and personalities that are best suited to my team. Thanks to their hands-on management approach, they have been providing me with exceptional staffing services.  I highly recommend NPD Global and their network of recruiters.”

“NPD Global helped staff resources critical to the success of the CRM Competency Center projects.  A recently staffed consultant has been put in charge of the process of managing sales territories design and re-alignments which can be tedious and time consuming.  These sales territories can be defined across various metrics such as geographic areas, product family, account value, etc.  The consultant did a great job in improving and optimizing the sales territory planning process. The consultant provided detailed documentation enabling us to communicate the value proposition of this initiative which is: help maximize sales productivity, improve revenue, increase motivation of sales force by providing an adequate incentive, and improve customer service through consistent contact.”

I'm a Software Development Manager for a leading consumer goods company and I manage a team of approximately 40 people. I have worked with many staffing companies over the years with varying degrees of success. Several years ago we began using NPD to provide consultants and staff to supplement our project teams. The experience has been nothing but positive. When positions become available we receive resumes from them that are well vetted and suited for the position. Even during periods when we are not actively looking for candidates I will hear from them from time to time to let me know of an exceptionally good candidate they may have coming available. This constant monitoring of the market for talent that fits our needs, makes filling positions much easier.

My team is involved specifically in web development using varying technologies and sometimes finding that niche candidate can be a challenge. Through NPD we have acquired resources that cover a broad spectrum of expertise. They have included: front end designers, business analysts,content management system administrators, application architects, java / database developers. All of the resources have performed very well and have come from diverse technical backgrounds which has brought new ideas and improved techniques to my team.

NPD Global helped us ramp our technology team, finding niche talent, thoroughly vetting them, and onboarding them very smoothly.

- VP Technology, leading financial services firm